01. About Paragon Capital Advisors

Live for the now.
Plan for your future.

Paragon Capital Advisors was formed by John Endres and Larry Carroll in 2001 with the vision of offering quality, independent investment advice to individuals, trusts and retirement plans. Born out of the market crash of 2000, we have built a consistent track record of satisfying clients during good and bad market environments.

We strive to develop caring, life-long relationships with our clients. Our advice is tailored to the specific, needs, goals and objectives of each one of our clients. Our goal is to establish the framework which will help our clients achieve their life-long goals. We offer our services on a fee only basis so that our advice remains totally independent from our sources of compensation.

We do not earn commissions from the investments that we recommend to our clients, which enables us to select the best investments available from the extensive Schwab Institutional platform.

For more detailed information, please contact us to obtain a copy of Form ADV Part 2A.

Live for the now. Plan for your future.

02. Custom Designed Portfolios

Investment advice catered to your risk tolerance.

We design custom investment portfolios for all of our clients.

Portfolios are constructed to maximize your returns while adhering to your tolerance for risk. Our process begins with in-person meetings to assess your goals and objectives. Using the data obtained from our meetings, Morningstar software is used to generate an asset allocation policy.

We may modify the computer generated model to take into tactical allocations based upon our assessment of the economy, market volatility and/or other factors that are present at the time. Our recommended asset allocation is then discussed and finalized with you.

Financial Planning

Investment Management

Social Security Planning

Custom designed portfolios for your needs.

03. Brokerage Practices


Your assets are securely held by Charles Schwab & Co. Inc.  (Schwab).  

Your assets must be maintained in an account at a “qualified custodian,” generally a broker-dealer or bank. We recommend that you use Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (Schwab), a registered broker-dealer, member SPIC, as your qualified custodian. Schwab will hold your assets in a brokerage account and buy and sell securities when we instruct them to do so. Paragon Capital Advisors does not maintain custody of your assets.

We have determined that having Schwab execute your trades is consistent with our duty to seek “best execution” of our clients’ trades. While we recommend that you use Schwab as a custodian/broker, it is your decision to make. Even though most of our clients’ accounts are maintained at Schwab, other brokers can be used to execute your trades.

Investing is a journey, not a race.

04. Managment Fees Structure

We are a fee only investment advisor. This means that our compensation is the fee that you pay us for management of your assets. We do not receive fees from mutual fund companies for selling their investment products. This structure enables us to always act in your best interests by offering you totally object advice. Our investment advisory fee is calculated as a percentage of your Assets Under Management in accordance with the following schedule:

The first $500,000


The next $500,000


Over $1,000,000


We are a fee only investment advisor...

Based upon a survey conducted by InvestmentNews in 2016, fee-only advisors charge on average a fee of 1% of assets under management. Our fees never exceed 1% of assets under management which makes for a favorable comparison to industry averages. In addition, our fees are negotiable under certain circumstances. Please refer to our ADV Part 2A for more details.

We will bill you for investment advisory fees in advance on a quarterly basis during the first month of the quarter. We prefer that you pay your fee through a debit to your accounts at Schwab, but you can also pay by check.

John Endres

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